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ICEPAW has set itself the goal of developing a healthy, natural and very tasty food for dogs and cats, which is based as close as possible to nature. To this end, the passionate dog lovers and successful Huskies athletes Michael Tetzner developed (World Champion 2011 and Vice-2012) a special diet concept, consisting mainly of ingredients from the sea -. U fish, fish oils, marine animals a -. Is. The special thing about ICEPAW is where fish is on it, even fish in it. There are no offal other species mixed to raise the feed volume. Particular emphasis was placed on defining the feed ingredients clearly and use only ingredients with high quality. The foods owing to their meticulous and clearly defined composition very suitable for lining sensitive dog and cats. For special requirements sporting dog which Zughundesport, Agility, Frisbee et al operate at a high performance level, ICEPAW developed products for a better endurance, more power and a nutrient-rich regeneration. Michael Tetzner even tested it under very physically demanding conditions in dog sled races in Alaska and Canada. ICEPAW sees itself not just as a pet food manufacturer and supplier, but also happy to advise you personally on the phone, what diet is best suited to the needs of your favorite. These are all factors that make ICEPAW dog food and cat food so unique. Explore the variety of products from ICEPAW - from high-premium dry food to wet food, treats, fish oils, fish powder and more. Only the best for your best