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Ensuring you only feed your dog healthy and safe ingredients is a big responsibility.

ICEPAW products are the result of years of research in the most competitive environments. Most notably, we’ve embraced mother nature as our un-rivaled role model.

Developed through years of observation and nutritional analysis in active performance sports.  As well as our activities breeding dogs for competitive sports.

IcePaw Pets – the picture of health – Naturally!

We are one of the first manufacturers to produce dog food products made of fish meat and high-quality Omega 3 / 6 fish oils, or with lamb and high meat content.

We have optimally adapted ICEPAW to the nutrient and energy needs of your pet. As a result,  your pet strong will be strong and healthy. Furthermore, this can prevent or reduce feed sensitivities or intolerance.

Prioritise Your Dog’s Health

Fortunately, here at Icepaw UK, we make it easy to feed your pet a well-balanced, nutritious diet. All of our dog food products are made from wholesome ingredients. Additionally we proportion our recipes so that we give your dog the energy he or she needs.

Each contains a source of animal protein, carbohydrates, and fish oil. Omega-3, a healthy fat in fish oil. Most of all, it’s known to decrease inflammation as well as improve joint health. Furthermore it helps keep your dog’s skin and coat healthy.

Choose Allergen-Friendly Ingredients for your dog

It’s important to note that many pet owners don’t realise that humans aren’t the only ones with allergies. Just like you, your dog can have food allergies and intolerance.  Consequently, this can lead to health problems without a proper diet. In fact, one in five dogs who have itchy skin problems also have food allergies.

Common food allergies for dogs include chicken, beef, lamb, wheat, and corn. It’s important to note, these ingredients are also in most animal foods. You can test for allergies by using an elimination diet. Try introducing one new food at a time.

With our wide range of dry food products, we make it easy to follow an allergen-friendly diet. We have gluten-free pet food containing a variety of different protein sources. For example, if your pet is allergic to fish, you could buy our tasty lamb and rice combination instead.

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