Cat food – Fit with Fish. IcePaw for your Cat

Premium cat food for your discerning pet

With ICEPAW cat food, we have developed a trailblazing nutritional concept for cat nutrition. We take great care to prepare and deliver our special cat food to you in the freshest possible condition. Quality, consistently. Read on to discover our nutritional approach to feeding your cat with our premium food.

IcePaw cat food

ICEPAW cat food products have been developed from years of research in animal well-being and nutrition. embracing mother nature as our un-rivalled role model.

Fit with fish

 IcePaw Founder, Michael Tetzner, originally adopted animal nutrition ideas from the natives of Canada and Alaska. According to the Inuits, the best animal food was fish remains – to promote incredible health and resistence, in the most challenging of environments.

Michael developed his own delicious & nutritious recipes with a variety of food mixtures and different proportions of fish.

Our range includes wet and dry food, as well as delicious fish treats.

IcePaw – the Back Story …link

ICEPAW’s nutritional concept

We aim to prevent food intolerances, as well as guarantee a good supply of nutrients. Additionally it’s key to facilitate easy food ingestion. Consequently the food components are clearly defined (excluding lamb & rice):

  1. A source of animal protein – seafish (single protein)
  2. Rice as a key source of carbohydrate (easy to digest)
  3. With valuable fish oil (Omega-3/6 fatty acids)

Therefore, you don’t need to select just one type of food. The reason for this is that you can combine all ICEPAW products well. Since we tailor all food compositions to one another, regardless of whether you plan to feed dry/wet foods or snacks and oils.

IcePaw for your Cat

The Key to a Long, Happy and Healthy Life

If only pets could talk!  For now, you’ll have to rely on your powers of observation. As a result it’s remarkable how healthy and happy IcePaw cats are.