Healthy Dog Food – Prioritise your dog’s health


IcePaw Dogs – the picture of health – Naturally!

 Ensuring you only feed your pet healthy dog food is a huge responsibility.

With ICEPAW, we have developed a trailblazing nutritional concept for dog nutrition.

The dog and it’s natural prey

Our philosophy is that, due to the fact your pet dog descends directly from the wolf, means he needs the complete range of nutrients of prey every day to be properly fed. Additionally, this also includes the herbal ingredients.

Our nutritional concept

In order to prevent food intolerances, guarantee a good supply of nutrients and facilitate easy food ingestion and conversion the food components are clearly defined (excluding lamb & rice):

  1. An animal protein source – marine fish (single protein)
  2. Rice as main carbohydrate source (easily digestible)
  3. With valuable fish oil (omega-3/6-fatty acids)

All ICEPAW products can be combined very well, since the feed compositions are coordinated with each other. Whether dry dog food, wet food or with the snacks and oils.

Prioritise your dog’s health

Fortunately, here at Icepaw UK, we make it easy to feed your dog a well-balanced, nutritious diet. All of our fish dog food products are made from wholesome ingredients and are properly proportioned to give your dog the energy he or she needs.

Each contains a source of animal protein, easily-digestible carbohydrates, and fish oil. Omega-3, a healthy fat in fish oil, is known to decrease inflammation, improve joint health, and keep your dog’s skin and coat healthy.

Choose healthy dog food

Many pet owners don’t realize that humans aren’t the only ones with allergies. Just like you, your dog can have food allergies and intolerances that can lead to health problems if a proper diet isn’t followed. In fact, one in five dogs who have itchy skin problems also have food allergies.

Common food allergies for dogs include chicken, beef, lamb, wheat, and corn. Unfortunately, these ingredients are also in most dog foods. You can test your dog for allergies by using an elimination diet. Introduce one new food at a time until your dog starts showing allergy symptoms again. Then eliminate the foods from your dog’s diet that cause symptoms.

With our wide range of dry healthy dog food products, we make it easy to follow an allergen-friendly diet. We have gluten-free food and foods containing a variety of different protein sources. For example, if your dog is allergic to fish, you could buy our tasty lamb and rice combination instead.

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Make the switch to IcePaw, today.

Benefit from switching your pet food over to IcePaw and see results within the first 2 weeks.

We understand that you may have concerns about making this change-over – particularly if you’ve been feeding your pets the same brand for quite some time.

That’s why we’ve developed our Test Phase changeover food – ensuring you a smooth switch to IcePaw. Premium healthy dog food.

IcePaw test phase

Changing pet food is an important step towards better overall health. Therefore, we bring you IcePaw Test Phase nutrition – the perfect and safe way to introduce IcePaw. Simply feed your pet our Test Phase food for a period of 30 days.

What’s more, you’ll love the results from the reset alone.

Get in Touch

 If you have questions on how best to approach the reset to IcePaw healthy dog food, get in touch with us and we’ll answer any queries you have.