Dog treats – made from pure dried fish and good enough to eat

Dog treats and oils

The IcePaw Complete Natural Diet is the perfect combination of our Premium pet food and original dog treats and oils.

Our range of high quality, mouth-watering raw fish dog treats and oils, high in Omega-3. Seriously good enough to eat.

Dog treats – made from pure dried fish

Our treats consist of 100% dry fish or crustaceans, which are freshly processed immediately after the catch. Furthermore, after the preparation process, they are gently dried for at least 48 hours at 20 degrees. As a matter of fact, we carry out regular inspections of the raw materials, production processes and final products. As a result we guarantee the highest quality.

In addition, our dog treats are available separately, to compliment your existing pet food.

The Power of the Sea

Not only do our dog treats provide all the health benefits of Omega – 3, but also they are made from completely natural ingredients.

For this reason our dog treats are pure. Notably they contain no additives and no mixers

Fit with Fish