fish for dogs – the freshest ingredients, straight from the sea

Fit with Fish

Discover IcePaw’s premium food for dogs

According to the Inuits, natives of Canada and Alaska, the very best dog food is remarkably, a pure diet of fish remains. To promote optimum health and resistance, for all weathers and conditions! As a result, at IcePaw, we’ve developed our own recipes with different proportions of fish to bring you our premium natural products. Top quality fish for dogs.

Wet Food – fish for dogs

ICEPAW wet foods comprise 100% fresh fish which is processed as soon as it has been caught. Bone-free and food-grade quality. Gently heated and packaged after the preparation process.

the freshest ingredients, straight from the sea

prepared to deliver our products as fresh as can be to your dog

fresh tasting, natural goodness

Dry Food

Try our ICEPAW Nordic Pure Dry Food.

100% cereal and gluten free complete food for adult dogs containing valuable salmon.(25% crude protein, 15% fat)

The Scientific Benefits of Omega-3s in Fish

Don’t just take our word for it. Years of scientific study has highlighted the many heath benefits of omega-3s in fish and fish oil. With this in mind we’ve developed our recipes, for the purpose of supporting your pet’s health in the following ways:

good for heart health

essential for normal brain function

strong anti-inflammatory effects ensures stable joints

 helps maintain healthy skin

Fish for dogs – from IcePaw.