natural dog food – a fresh approach for a healthy pet

Passionate about nutrition

Here at IcePaw, we’re passionate about the nutritional concept in our natural dog food. In reality, the dog is a descendant of the wolf and consequently, we’ve developed ICEPAW natural dog food through years of research into natural diet.

For this reason, our unique nutritional concept combines essential protein and is balanced to prevent food intolerance. All things considered, we believe that strong bonds are the key to a high and healthy performance.

Trailblazing natural dog food

Since we have developed a trailblazing nutritional concept for dog nutrition. These products are the culmination of our many years of active, everyday observation and nutritional analyses in active dog performance sports on a global level, as well as our activities breeding dogs for competitive sports.

Therefore, with these findings, we are one of the first manufacturers to produce finely attuned, easily tolerated food-grade natural dog food products made primarily of fresh fish with a high proportion of fish meat and high-quality Omega 3 / 6 fish oils, or with lamb and high meat content.

A fresh approach for a healthy and happy pet

In other words, you can be certain that, with ICEPAW, you are feeding your pet natural dog food that has been optimally adapted to the nutrient and energy needs of your pet. As a result, your pet will be strong and health. What’s more, this can prevent or reduce feed sensitivities or intolerance.