ICEPAW UK IcePawUK: Dog and Cat food with the power of the sea Located in Inverness, Highlands of Scotland

The dog is a descendant of the wolf and needs the complete supply of nutrients of its prey animal relatives every day in order to be properly nourished. This also includes vegetable components. For this reason, raw feeding with slaughterhouse waste or bones and raw food constitutes an unbalanced diet.

ICEPAW’s nutritional concept:

In order to prevent food intolerances, guarantee a good supply of nutrients and facilitate easy food ingestion and conversion the food components are clearly defined (excluding lamb & rice): 

1. A source of animal protein – seafish (single protein)
2. Rice as a key source of carbohydrate (easy to digest)
3. With valuable fish oil (Omega-3/6 fatty acids)

All ICEPAW products can be combined well with one another, as the food compositions are tailored to one another. Regardless of whether dry/wet foods are involved or snacks and oils.