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Puppy Milk pure, Replacement milk for puppies,Complete feeding stuff, with his high proportion of bovine colostrum Puppy Milk pure encourages the immunity and the development of puppies, through its high-quality components it is the best replacement for the milk of the mother dog.The contained Cod Liver Oil brings a natural content of Vitamin D and vitamin A and meets the demand of puppies. It serves the motherless rearing and feeding of puppies with insufficient milk production of the mother,for example, due to a large litter. Besides Puppy Milk pure can be used as a feed supplement for weaned puppies, as supplementary food for pregnant and lactating dog-mothers, as structure feed or for stud dogs as well.


Whey powder, skimmed milk powder, Vegetable oil and fat (sunflower oil), Soya (bean) protein concentrate, Dextrose, Crude lecithins (soy), Fish oil 1.5% (cod liver oil from cod), colostrum powder

Analytical ingredients

Crud protein 22.1%, crude fiber 0.4%, crude fat 16.6%, crude ash 7.5%,

Additives per 1000ml

Nutritional additives:  Vitamins:

vitamin A (3a672b) / Retinyl Palmitate 10.000i.e., vitamin e (3a700) / all rac-alpha-tocopheryl acetate 500mg,

Trace elements:

Selenium (3b8.10) / inactivated selenium yeast 0.45mg, iron(E1) / glycine iron chelate, hydrate, 300mg, zinc (E6) / zinc sulfate,heptahydrate 130 mg,manganese (E5) / manganese sulphate monohydrate 30mg, copper (E4 / cupric chloride dihydrate 13mg, iodine (E2) / potassium iodide 4 mg

Feeding recommendation:

Per 100ml stir 1,5-2 measuring spoons into 60-80 degree C water. Let the milk cool down to body temperature before feeding with pacifier. Per kg body weight daily:till 4th week 230ml ready stirred puppy milk, till 8th week 180ml ready puppy milk. The daily dose is to be divided in 8 to 10 rations within the first weeks, later divided into four feedings per day. The recommended instructions are benchmarks, that have to be customized regarding the development and general feed intake of the puppy. Prepared milk is to be consumed within one hour.



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