puppy food – the food of champions

ICEPAW puppy junior pure dry food

IcePaw puppy food. Special rearing food for whelps and junior dogs up to 6-12 months of age

Especially developed for puppies

Essentially, puppies need a whole different food composition for balanced growth compared to adult dogs. The premium puppy food we have developed, has been a great success for breeders and private dog owners.

The food of champions

Our especially formulated puppy food is the mainstay of the young dogs at the Michael Tetzner Racing Farm. Here, the future champions of the sled dog sport – live in the best possible conditions for physical, healthy and spiritual development with this delicious, high-quality food.

Formulated puppy food

Our Puppy Junior Pure dry feed enables easy digestion and maximum uptake thanks to the three clearly defined feed ingredients:

Herring as an animal protein source

Rice as an easily digestible source of carbohydrate

Valuable salmon oil for the important addition of high quality omega-3/6-fatty acids

With a special combination of active agents for attractive fur, stable joints, balanced growth, healthy and resistant constitution

ICEPAW’s nutritional concept

Our balanced recipes prevent food intolerance and therefore guarantee a good supply of nutrients and facilitate digestion. Most noteworthy, our nutritional concept combines the following:

  1. An animal protein source – marine fish or lamb (single protein)
  2. Rice as main carbohydrate source (easily digestible)
  3. With valuable fish oil (omega-3/6-fatty acids)

All ICEPAW products can be combined very well, since the feed compositions are coordinated with each other. As a result, you can mix dry food, wet food and compliment with the snacks and oils.